Our Story

RLJDesigns started with a simple idea of wanting my name on a cup. My name is spelled with two “e”'s and 1 “a” and I could never find my name on anything. With the purchase of a print and cut machine I started putting my name on everything in sight. In 2013, I started grad school and need a way to to supplement my income. My cousin, Shateesha, who I was also making cups for because she too could never find her name either, suggested I start selling my cups. RLJDesigns was launched.
Since 2013, we have grown tremendously. We now specialize in items to commemorate every milestone in someone’s life, from that Fab 40 who needs custom shirts for her and her girl to remember the day to that new tired mom who needs that cute mug to remind her everything is going to be OK. From coffee mugs to shirts, tote bags to make up bags, you are sure to find something you will love!